We are continously working on completion of our product line, so if you still did not find a stone product which would suit you, keep checking our webpage..Thank you.

22.11. 2007
We have added to our accessories line adhesives, mortars and other products from italian producer MAPEI. According the specific conditions of use, we can recommend you a particular MAPEI product.

30.11. 2007
In our Paving section you can find new products from slovak producer Premac, s.r.o. Our selection is available here.

19.12. 2007
A new group of products was added to our standard stone veneer line - light panels from spanish producer TOTAL STONE.
They provide beside their leight weight also many other useful features - thanks to a more than 3 sqm of one panel, the installation is much easier and faster, there is no need to mortar unless the joints between the panels, they can be mounted on light construction, not only solid walls, they can be rolled to bend..etc.
Our selection you can find here

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